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A single instance CMS gives American Express a flexible solution and immediate returns.

The Story

Regional websites developed separately at different times by individual regional teams led to branding inconsistencies and disjointed strategies for American Express’s Global Corporate Payments (GCP) division. Across the sites, curating content, cultivating SEO ranking and driving traffic were approached differently. Updating the individual sites was costly and time-consuming.

American Express asked Epsilon to help re-launch the GCP sites in a coordinated manner, utilizing their new brand standards and an integrated SEO strategy. They wanted the sites to be localized for all global markets and designed to accommodate a manageable level of content updates driven by each of the regional marketing leads.

The Results

Understanding the project's challenges and the need for an editable, scalable solution, Epsilon suggested using a single instance of a CMS as the core content distribution platform. To implement this, we worked with the individual market leads to understand their unique needs, then crafted templated design and usability structures that could be effectively leveraged by all of the regional teams.

The benefits came swiftly, with instant lift in organic search rank, traffic, leads and conversions. And the amount of resources and time needed to make changes has dropped dramatically due to structured content coordination capabilities.

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