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Endicia goes to the next level with a new brand platform and online stores.

The Story

Endicia wanted to upgrade their online presence with a new website. They wanted a great user experience for customers and a content management system that made updates easy for the internal marketing team. In addition to providing a brand platform, the site needed to integrate four online stores offering postage and shipping solutions and three different signup flows.

Epsilon began by building a roadmap, strategizing with Endicia stakeholders to identify the needs of their distinct customer groups. Then we built navigation that makes it easy for customers to quickly find the store and solutions they need, and we created a fresh, lively visual design. We fleshed out the technical architecture, ensured the site interacts with the company’s legacy systems, integrated a Sitecore CMS and ecommerce solution, built out and methodically tested each component of the online stores, and completed a SAAS product registration rebuild.

Finally, we trained the marketing team on the new Sitecore platform and shared best practices to prepare them for maintaining the site.

The Results

In the new website, Endicia has a powerful catalyst for growth — for propelling its industry dominance to the next level. The site provides a central, cohesive platform for marketing the brand, serving customers and building lasting relationships. The Sitecore CMS system empowers Endicia staff to easily update content and keep the site current.

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