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A custom application gives innovative Pacific Union a new edge over competitors.

The Story

Pacific Union, a leading luxury real estate brand in Northern California and an industry innovator, was ready for new technology. They considered it mission-critical to provide agents with a tool that would allow them to share listing information with prospective clients digitally and enable highly interactive experiences.

In addition, they wanted a tool that would meet four challenging objectives: (1) integrate seamlessly with external databases and MLS data feeds; (2) offer presentation output to web, iPad and print; (3) offer a simple, streamlined user interface that would enable even tech-averse agents to create presentations in minutes; and (4) provide consistent formatting and brand identity, including look and feel, across all presentations while preserving some level of agent customization.

The Results

We built a custom application on a Sitecore platform that allows Pacific Union’s agents to easily and quickly produce beautiful, personalized presentations, while ensuring consistent formatting and branding. Adopted by 95% of the agents in the first year, the application has reduced the time it takes them to produce presentations from 45–60 minutes to 15 minutes or less.

Designed and implemented in just three months, the application is integrated with multiple MLS data feeds, and stores all presentation data. Presentations can be shared across multiple media, including desktop web display, iPad, PDF and printouts. The iPad version is designed to function offline as well, so it can be used in any environment. Being able to show presentations on iPads has differentiated Pacific Union from competitors, and underscored the brand’s reputation for being modern and innovative.

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