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Make the connection

Get the greatest possible value from your CMS investment, your content and your marketing budget. Bring Sitecore and Epsilon marketing tools together with connectors for Agility Harmony™, TotalSource Plus® PxM Digital Printshop.

Agility Harmony connector


Integrate Sitecore and Epsilon’s Agility Harmony email platform with pre-built Harmony connectors and you get unprecedented capacity. Sitecore’s Email Campaign Manager can scale your campaigns to previously unreachable volumes.

Agility Harmony, built to deliver highly personalized, omnichannel campaigns, set the bar for digital messaging platforms and continues to earn the industry’s top marks. By offloading personalization and delivery from Sitecore’s servers and SMTP relay to Harmony servers, you can increase your email lists to the tens of millions.

Your Sitecore content is synchronized with the Agility Harmony platform. You can edit and manage email content within Sitecore and reuse that content in your web marketing (and your print mailings as well, when you use the PxM Digital Printshop connector).

You can engage individual consumers with offers tailored to win their attention and their business — and do it on a massive scale.

PxM Digital Printshop connector

Get an unbeatable direct mail marketing platform when you link Sitecore and Epsilon’s digital print solution with the PxM Digital Printshop connector. Gain total ownership of the campaign process, from customer data processing and personalization to lettershop. Maximize efficiency, quality and results.

With just one contact or hand off, and streamlined communications, there are far fewer chances for error and faster turnarounds. At the same time, the digital variable print workflow and digital assets mean every piece of mail can be unique — highly personalized for the target recipient.

We’ve invested heavily in digital print technologies to give our clients the ultimate flexibility and scalability, at cost-effective price points. To help you go from one-size fits all campaigns to true 1:1 communication in the volumes that are right for your business today and going forward.

TotalSource Plus connector

Ensure your personalization is accurate and meaningful when you connect Sitecore’s personalization engine to the industry’s most comprehensive source of U.S. consumer data — Epsilon’s TotalSource Plus® database.

With the TotalSource Plus connector, you can seamlessly link Sitecore to thousands of unique data points spanning demographics, spend behavior, lifestyle information and more on every U.S. household. In addition, you can add customized rules to Sitecore’s rules engine to enable data-driven marketing finely tuned to meet to your needs and goals.

Knowing customers on an individual level, in their present moment and also where they are likely headed, is central to what we do at Epsilon. Our data makes that possible. With the TotalSource Plus connector, you have real-time access to our rich, deep consumer information. You have the data you need to engage your customers with the one-to-one relevance they expect today.